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About Us:
DEM unplugged consist of some old members from when the guild was previously on Khadgar under the name of Deus Ex Machina aswell as some new ones.

The guild exist since 2009, raiding in 25man woltk content, from The Immortal title in Naxxramas, the Meta Achievement in Ulduar to raiding Lich King 25man Heroic when only little minority of guilds in the populated server of Khadgar was at this stage. With the end of Woltk came the end of the 25man format, new Cataclysm expansion blew away many big guilds and before Dragon Soul came out Deus ex Machina was converted into 10m, clearing all heroic content in Cataclysm up to 9/16hc in MoP.

Because Khadgar's server lost it's population and it became very difficult to recruit even for 10m guilds, everyone decided to go their own way and most moved to Draenor in various guilds. With old friends back together and new members, the guild moved to Draenor.

With the new Legion expansion coming out DEM is reclaiming its rights as a promising and goto place in Draenor !

If you feel like you´re sharp enough, skilled at playing the class(es) you possess, social and enthusiastic then you´re welcome to make an application.